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Critical Crossings LLC is a Trenchless and Geostructural design and consulting firm that is dedicated to creating space underground. Contact us to learn more about our Geotechnical-based, multi-disciplinary approach to providing stellar services for all our clients. 

From our Family to Yours

As a family owned and operated firm, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in reaching their goals. Our multi-disciplinary approach seeks to protect, educate, and innovate any project that’s brought our way, whether it be under the scope of Horizontal Directional Drilling or beyond.  We are the partner you’ve been looking for. 


We're Hiring!

Join our growing team! Critical Crossings is currently hiring for a number of new positions to support our rapid growth. We provide competitive salaries and benefits. 


A Leader In The Industry

Providing engineered solutions for Horizontal Directional Drilling to the pipeline and utilities industries.

  • Professional team of specialized experts
  • HDD services
  • Design review and construction monitoring
  • Multi-disciplined and environmentally conscience approach


Start a Project

If achieving the highest level of compliance while reducing risk and lowering costs is important to you, then let’s work together. We provide turnkey management, consulting, and solutions. How can we help you be successful? Tell us about your project.



Why Critical Crossings?

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a proven technique for the installation of pipelines and utilities under sensitive areas. We provide users of the HDD technology with professional engineering and consulting services. We focus on our customer’s success by providing the most appropriate, cost-effective, innovative, and effective solutions.