Our Services

Providing engineered solutions for Horizontal Directional Drilling to the pipeline and utilities industries.


Inspection Services / Construction Monitoring

Critical Crossings believes in essential communication and documentation. We provide reports to our clients referencing daily progress and spotchecks. The reports, prepared by our engineer, provide a breakdown of construction drilling progress (drilled or reemed footage). 

Trenchless Engineering

Critical Crossing’s specialty is trenchless design, specifically horizontal directional drilling. Critical Crossings is proud to combine experience with certified geotechnical engineering know how. We can provide:

  • – Feasibility studies
  • – Preliminary design services, including recommending alignment, pipeline depths, construction methods, and pipeline diameter
  • – Relative risk assessment
  • – Risk management strategies, geotechnical baseline reports, calculations for pipe stress, pull back, hydrofracture risk, and settlement risk

Our expertise can identify fatal flaws, constructability, and recommend modifications to add value and reduce costs and risks.

Geotechnical Design

Critical Crossing bases its engineering design on the characterization of the subsurface. This service includes a preliminary design laying out space and depth of exploratory borings along with detailed summary of construction operations. Field and lab tests are specified. The resulting geotechnical information is then summarized on the design and profile drawing. 

Environmentally Sound

Critical Crossings focuses on maximizing the success of HDD projects and minimizing environmental impact. We do this by using earth science and engineering to improve our communities and protect our world. This allows us to be both client and community-focused. 

Start a Project

If achieving the highest level of compliance while reducing risk and lowering costs is important to you, then let’s work together. We provide turnkey management, consulting, and solutions. How can we help you be successful? Tell us about your project.



Why Critical Crossings?

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a proven technique for the installation of pipelines and utilities under sensitive areas. We provide users of the HDD technology with professional engineering and consulting services. We focus on our customer’s success by providing the most appropriate, cost-effective, innovative, and effective solutions.